Editor’s Note

It is where you start each new day, where you order pizza at 2 a.m., where you pull all-nighters during finals week and where you stay up having conversations you will carry with you wherever you go. It is your home. Whatever space you find yourself in next year, you will be able to call it your own.

We hope this housing guide will make the decision of choosing your new home a little less stressful. Whether you plan to live in the university housing or move off-campus, our guide provides profiles on each residence hall as well as several popular neighborhoods to help narrow down all of your options. We are here to help you decide whether your Village sways more East or West, whether you want a single, a double, even a quadruple, whether you have roots in Manhattan or are ready to make the leap to Brooklyn.

Beyond the basics of price comparisons and room arrangements, we have included some of the best and worst traits of each building from student perspectives and their personal experience, the logistics of arriving to class on time and tips for making the most out of your new home. This issue is also filled with the best nearby grub, DIY decorating tips and eco-friendly living ideas — all there to guide you through the process.

However, most importantly, this housing guide was created to help set you up with the tools to pick the most comfortable and safe place for you. Fill your room with friends. Put all your things in mason jars, “Portlandia”-style. Boycott paper in the Green House dorm. Appreciate your window view of the city that some people only see in souvenir snow globes. Whatever your housing choices are, we sincerely hope you love where you live.

Hannah Treasure