East Village

Hanqing Chen for WSN

The East Village offers one of the most unique living experiences in terms of culture, location and attractions. Once a part of the Lower East Side, this neighborhood split off to become its own in the 1960s to accommodate the rise of its countercultural movements, such as the punk era.

Because of this history, the East Village has a strong artistic and cultural influence. With famous venues like the Nuyorican Poets Cafe, the avant-garde La MaMa Experimental Theater Club and the Mercury Lounge, the East Village is filled with outlets for expression and live performance.

Food is always a crucial factor when choosing a place to live, and the East Village delivers. Prune, known for its blend of unorthodox ingredients, is one of the top restaurants in the area. While Prune’s prices may be a bit high, there are still many student-friendly budget options, like Ramen Misoya, which offers specialty ramen noodle soups for a low cost.

The entire area is bordered by Third Avenue and the Bowery to the west, the East River to the east, 14th Street to the north and Houston Street to the south. The walking commute to campus ranges from 10 to 25 minutes. The nearest subways include the F, 4, 6, L, N and R lines, which are all relatively close to NYU buildings, including Palladium residence hall and Third Avenue North residence hall.

With smaller inner neighborhoods like Alphabet City, Loisaida and St. Mark’s Place, there is never a dull moment for students living in the East Village.

—David Bologna