Alumni Hall

Stefanie Chan/WSN

Estimated cost: $19,800
Low-cost rooms available: No
Commute to campus: 10 minutes
Nearby subways: N, R, 6
Shuttle: No

Alumni residence hall, located at 33 Third Ave. in the East Village, is home to around 450 upperclassmen and graduate students. The dorm is comprised entirely of single bedrooms, organized in suites of two to four students. Each suite has a common area with a refrigerator, stove and sink. The dorm has two main lounges — one in the basement with a TV and pool table and the other as study lounge on the first floor. There are smaller study lounges on floors 2 through 6 and 13 through 15.

Living in Alumni offers an unbeatable location for nightlife options in the East Village. Affordable restaurants nearby make up for the dorm’s lack of a dining facility (students with meal plans can use the Third North Courtyard Cafe at 12th Street and Third Avenue).

Perhaps the biggest drawback to living in Alumni is that all the rooms are singles. While this may be preferable to many, it could feel too isolated for some students.

However, if you would enjoy living in the vibrant East Village and having the privacy of a single bedroom, Alumni is a great option.

Sam Del Rowe