Ultra Violet Live competitor profile: Pulse Dance

By Bryna Shuman, Features Editor

Courtesy of Pulse

Name: Pulse Dance Project
Dorm: Senior House
Act: Dance

Where does the team draw its inspiration from?
Her majesty, Beyoncé.

What makes Pulse unique?
Most of us have been dancing since a very young age, spending our after-school hours in dance studios and our weekends at competitions. We all came to NYU to pursue something other than dance and we have members from each school. Pulse serves as our outlet to keep doing what we love and share our passion for dance with our family, friends and the NYU community.

What made Pulse decide to participate in the UVL Prelims?
This year, we have the largest group of graduating seniors that we’ve ever had — nearly one-third of the company. We had always known about UVL, but this felt like the right year to participate. It was the perfect opportunity for our seniors to leave their legacy on both NYU and Pulse Dance Project. And, of course, just like any other performer, we wanted the opportunity to perform in front of a large audience.

What was the first thing that happened when you found out you were advancing to the finals at Skirball?
Oh. My. God. OK. So, in terms of lighting and special effects, what can we do?

What would winning UVL mean to you as a team?
All of us have worked so hard to make Pulse what it is today. From the high caliber of our showcases to our dedication to being involved in opportunities within the NYU community and the rapidly growing number of dancers who come out to audition every semester — each milestone we have reached together has brought us so much joy and winning UVL would be the cherry on top of the sundae.

A version of this article appeared in the Monday, Feb. 10 print edition. Bryna Shuman is features editor. Email her at [email protected]