What’s in your bag: Andrew Weiss

Shawn Paik/WSN
Shawn Paik/WSN

After releasing three solo albums during high school, Steinhardt sophomore Andrew Weiss came to NYU to continue his love of music as a music composition major. In his freshman year at NYU, Weiss met and collaborated with fellow band members to form the group High Fascination. To date, they have released two albums, the first during the  summer of 2013 and the second on Feb. 1, 2014. Weiss commits himself to practicing and arranging throughout most of the day — his dedication and enthusiasm for music are evident even in the items he carries with him daily.


Weiss proves that a musician is never without his instrument. As the lead singer, songwriter and guitar player of High Fascination, Weiss brings his Epiphone EJ-200 with him even though its size is inconvenient. “I need it for my composition lessons and rehearsals with the band, so I spend most days with my guitar,” Weiss said. His guitar is appropriately stored in a black, hardshell Epiphone acoustic guitar case specific to the instrument’s make and model.



Weiss said his phone is essential to his music which is why he always carries it with him. When he notices something that inspires him on the street, he documents it in his phone. He also uses his phone when trying to compose a new piece. “For demo purposes, if I am writing in my dorm room or in my bedroom at home, I usually will just pull out my iPhone for the Voice Memos function and record my idea on there,” Weiss said.

In addition to his melodic compositions, he enjoys writing lyrics to his songs and there is an app he often uses. “If I have a lyrical idea, I’ll open up the Notes app, write whatever I want, then transfer it to my lyric notebook later when I have the chance,” he said.

Manuscript Book

The lightest yet most plentiful item Weiss carries with him is his manuscript book. The paper inside is printed with staves for musical notations or guitar tablature. Whether he is in a music theory class or training, he needs a manuscript book. The pages inside are marked up with dictations and additional notes taken during class. “I usually have three in my bag at any time,” Weiss said.


While being a talented guitarist, Weiss also plays piano and drums. He often carries his drumsticks with him and practices in his free time. “Sometimes I carry them around to play drums during rehearsals,” he said. His rehearsals usually take place in his Palladium dorm room or the Kimmel Center for University Life practice rooms.

A version of this article appeared in the Monday, Feb. 10 print edition. Francesca Conlin is a contributing writer. Email her at [email protected]




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