Rubin & Chapelle Fall/Winter 2014

Natalie Fong for WSN

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Rubin & Chapelle’s Fall/Winter 2014 collection was, to say the least, inundated with contradictions. Comprised of dueling concepts, the show reflected an improvement in design from their past collections.

Located in an art gallery, the show was quaint and charming, as music set a relaxing atmosphere. The models were all gorgeous, but didn’t take away from the clothes they were wearing.

The actual collection was reminiscent of a more classic vibe with its straight lines and tuxedo concepts. There was a graceful combination of the classic look and the more rugged, militaristic look. A classic essence was felt through the use of drop waists, open shoulders and long lines, whereas the militaristic look was exemplified through the jumpers tied at the waist and shoulder detailing.


The designer mostly played with silks and chiffons, which, on first impression, seemed quite basic, but as the show went on, there was a definite purpose behind this simplicity. Each piece was simple in context, but only so as to avoid distracting from the piece as a whole. The dresses were deliberately designed to allow you to concentrate on the direction of it and its movement in terms of the fabric and silhouettes.

Each dress, especially the more regal, floor-length gowns, outlined the femininity of the models’ silhouettes. In addition, the disparity between the two concepts made the collection as a whole very intelligent. One could tell by the draping of the fabrics that each item was extremely deliberate.

Rubin & Chapelle played with neutral tones like white, black and beige, but contrasted this with vibrant colors including coral and yellow. Every look was clean, with a balance within each piece. Though texture was represented in some of the looks, these pieces did not stand out as much.

These stylistic differences made the show special combining almost opposing themes, which seemed to tie the whole collection together.

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