ØDD Fall/Winter 2014

Kavish Harjai, News Editor

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Judson Harmon harnessed space-like sounds and water-textured visuals in order to perpetuate his theme of “Water on the Moon” for his ØDD line. The runway show took place at at Studio 59 in Chelsea Piers. The music was all produced live and featured strong bass patterns with heavy synth sounds.

The show opened up with a model wearing a light-up blue ring which provided an interesting, dynamic aspect to the show. The rings acted as real-time sensors and upon moving, they would activate sounds and would manipulate the video. This feat of the show allowed the beat and rhythm of the models to be the composers of the music.

The colors spanned from forest-like greens, deep blues and blacks. All the colors represented images of space mixed with the multi-dimensional colors of the sea, thus, forming a relationship between space and water.

The most used fabric in Harmon’s designs was leather. A frequently seen design that utilized leather was an oversized dickie, which seemed to act as a cape for both the front and the back.

A luminescent, white highlighter blush was used underneath models’ eyes and the brows were extremely defined. These two characteristics of makeup, along with an otherwise neutral look, exuded a futuristic feeling.

Harmon’s models and pieces were laced in themes of androgyny. Many of the pieces, such as the oversized dickies, were sported by models of both genders. Boundaries of gender were blurred and the show even included some frontal nudity for both sexes, thus making gender a less important factor when it comes to fashion.

Kavish Harjai is a news editor. Email him at [email protected]