Lucio Castro Fall/Winter 2014

Stephanie Zheng for WSN

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Lucio Castro’s Fall/Winter 2014 menswear collection drew on the literary to create visual interest in its overall clean looks, taking its hedonistic inspiration from the 1902 novel “The Immortalist.”

“For this collection, I wanted to transpose this character [Michel] to New York today and think of a sort of new refinement,” said Castro.

With a rather subdued and cool palette of mineral greens, charcoal greys, and bone, Castro’s collection felt chic and somewhat eerie in its own modern search for sophistication.


Red, white, and plaid shirts drifted over twill chinos. Blazers, simple and clean, gave a definitively crisp edge to the shirtless models who wore them. Even the pairing of a black suede jacket with navy twill chinos contributes significantly to the entire collection’s feeling.

The most unusual looks were those with a somewhat awkward but endearing belt flopping low over the thigh. This quirky accessory, though eccentric, nonetheless matched the pants and furthered the elegant vibe in its straight linearity.

Lucio Castro’s latest collection definitely transcended limitations to bring refinement a new face.

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