FRINGE: Beneath it all

Fashion, for me, shines most as an expression of personality. More than the strictly sartorial world of runways and retailers, clothing catches my eye the most when it serves as a manifestation of character, as does the carefully crafted costume designs chosen for film, theater and television. It’s incredible how so much thought goes into something many people take for granted or ignore altogether.

In my own life, I dress to fit a mood or sometimes, admittedly, to channel a character from a movie or TV show — we all have those Cher Horowitz Saturdays and Marla Singer Tuesdays, right? It’s not terribly surprising, then, that in planning Fringe, I first thought of the story, spirit and characters I wanted the shoot to represent. The first criterion I sought in casting models was personality, and clothes were chosen to showcase the three dynamic individuals who would be wearing them — as students, dreamers, intellectuals and, above all, thinking and feeling human beings.

When looking at these images, try not to become stuck on names, materials and prices. Let the plaid evoke memories of long scholastic nights in the basement of Bobst Library in your preppiest, warmest flannel shirt. Allow the bold and structured dresses and jackets to remind you of nights you’ve spent staring at your closet, searching for the outfit that will make you stand out as bold and confident, be it at a job interview or a party. Because above all, even the most gorgeous dress on the rack is little more than a roll of fabric if it doesn’t have the perfect fit.

An enormous thanks goes out to creative director Kaleel Munroe for channeling my chaotic, and sometimes cursory ideas into a coherent and beautiful reality. This issue wouldn’t have come together without his help and that of my loyal styling assistant Dana Reszutek. Also immensely important was the behind-the-scenes assistance provided by David Bologna and Hannah Treasure, makeup artist Kendall Hill, the lovely models, talented photographer Luca Khouri and videographer Alex Linzmeier, all the writers who contributed and everyone else on the WSN staff who devoted their time and effort to this project.

Many hours in the WSN office and a Saturday at Coney Island have culminated in this issue, which I hope you’ll find inspiring. Dive in and run away for a little while.