Insomnia Cookies expands delivery route, includes Carlyle Court

Kavish Harjai, Staff Writer

Jonathan Tan/WSN

Students in Carlyle Court residence hall can now have cookies delivered to their doors. Insomnia Cookies has decided to include the residence hall in its delivery route.

CAS sophomore Austin Rivers, a Carlyle resident and Insomnia employee, started a campaign for the company to alter its delivery boundaries. He could not speak to the press for contractual reasons.

On the residence hall Facebook group, people expressed their dissatisfaction with Insomnia, which ended its delivery range one block from Carlyle. Steinhardt sophomore Suzanne

Kim commented on a Facebook post regarding the delivery range and said “life may as well be over.” Her comment received 17 likes.

Rivers publicized his campaign on the Facebook group and garnered support from many of his fellow students. His post announcing his success received 66 likes.

The campaign was successful and Insomnia started delivering cookies to Carlyle students around Nov. 8.

“Insomnia’s new delivery route is one of the best things to happen to Carlyle this year,” CAS sophomore Zelda Groves said. “I am so excited to finally get some delicious cookies delivered right here.”

In CAS sophomore Haley Quinn’s post on the Facebook group — after she ordered Insomnia cookies — she called Rivers a real American hero.

“I ordered Insomnia maybe every couple of weeks last year when I lived in Third North [residence hall],” Quinn said. “One night when I was up late with an essay, I tried to order cookies from Carlyle, and I couldn’t and it was pretty much devastating. I had cookies delivered here this weekend, and it was such a beautiful experience. Insomnia Cookies makes me feel emotionally and spiritually fulfilled.”

Currently, most NYU dorms are in the radius of the Greenwich Village Insomnia boundary, for the exception of Lafayette Street and Broome Street residence halls. Gramercy Green residence hall falls in the Murray Hill-33rd Street delivery zone.

Aggie, a customer service supervisor at Insomnia, explained the reasoning behind delivery ranges and said the corporate office makes the final decision. Insomnia does not release the full name of its employees.

“The decision to open in various college towns and cities are made after much research and deliberation,” she said. “The delivery range is store specific and is determined by the business flow for that particular location. In order to expand the delivery range, we need to ensure that the delivery expansion will not slow down the balance of deliveries coming out of that store for the evening.”

A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, Nov. 12 print edition. Kavish Harjai is a staff writer. Email him at [email protected].