Find vintage-styled jewelry for college budget

Stefanie Chan/WSN
Stefanie Chan/WSN


Vintage jewelry styles have made a comeback in today’s fashion scene. Both upscale designers and everyday brands have reinvented the trend using oversized stones, tarnished metals and geometric shapes. The next time you are hoping to complete an outfit, look no further than your grandmother’s jewelry box.

The Fall/Winter 2013 presentations introduced some unique vintage accessories. Dolce & Gabbana incorporated a look of royalty with golden crowns and gaudy cross earrings adorned with beautifully colored gems. Taking this display one step further, Alexander McQueen immersed models in gold beads and pearls. If intricately constructed headpieces and face masks are not the style for you, turn to more minimal brands for inspiration.

The Celine 2014 show featured simple necklaces and bracelets with a single pendant or stone. These styles can easily be paired with a cozy wool sweater or alongside your favorite wristwatch. Because of the design, many Celine models sported multiple pendant necklaces and bracelets without appearing to be drowning in metal. Browse stores such as Madewell and Free People for the similar effortless but effervescent look.


When layering necklaces, explore different lengths and pendants to add to a touch of color without over-emphasizing the look. Mix different metals and textures, and play with stones in shades such as turquoise and ruby. These rich, vintage tones were readily seen on the runway and fair well with wintertime attire. Similarly, give your fingers some love with a set of stacked rings. Madewell offers a wide variety of shapes, sizes and tones that can be easily layered. The store’s Mixtape Stacking Rings ($28) come already assorted at your convenience. Since there is a mix of different metals, you can pair these rings with your other vintage favorites to tie your look together.

If you’re interested in bold statements pieces rather than delicate ones, stores such as J. Crew, Zara and H&M have plenty in stock for you. Zara’s Rhinestone Necklace ($59.90, mimics one of the very treasures found in a high-end thrift store, but it does not have a vintage price tag. At a more affordable price, H&M offers an assortment of chunky necklaces starting at $9.95, so you can be sure to achieve a retro style even when on a tight budget. Bold necklaces such as these can easily play up a casual outfit or serve as the focal point to a little black dress.

Through its growing popularity and demand, vintage-styled jewelry is now a featured accessory in stores worldwide and online. It is easier than ever to flaunt pieces that appear to be from a different century without breaking a college budget. But, if you are lucky enough to dig through your grandmother’s jewelry items, take advantage of the opportunity and reinvent these trendy treasures with your own modern style.

A version of this article appeared in the Wednesday, Oct. 30 print edition. Kate Marin is a contributing writer. Email her at [email protected]



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