What’s in your bag: CAS sophomore Simone Sutnick

Shawn Paik for WSN
Shawn Paik for WSN


CAS sophomore Simone Sutnick may be studying art history, but the contents of her bag reveal that art permeates her life in more ways than powerpoint slides and lectures. As an artist, Sutnick has a hand for line drawings and an eye for aesthetics. Beyond Prismacolors, Sutnick carefully packs her backpack every morning with stylish, practical items that prepare her to be ready for anything.


Shawn Paik for WSN



Pink Ribbons

Sutnick carries an acid-wash denim JanSport backpack that she personalized with embellishments. Two pink ribbons represent breast cancer awareness, a cause that resonates especially with Sutnick.

“My aunt died of cancer a few years ago,” Sutnick said. “In January 2012 I co-coordinated a music for awareness concert that raised $3,000 … I like to show my support.”

Art Supplies

Sutnick always has creative essentials on the go — sketching pencils, Prismacolor pens, a white leather-bound sketchbook and a portfolio to store finished drawings. These drawings encapsulate Sutnick’s artistic style — old school tattoo-inspired line drawings accompanying witty captions like “Psychics R Psycho.”

“The Philosophy of Andy Warhol (From A to B and Back Again)” is Sutnick’s current inspirational read. She admires his perspective on life and prolific status in the art world.

Souvenir from Colombia

Left over in a pocket of Sutnick’s bag is a souvenir from her summer trip to Bogotá, Colombia. A box of matches decorated with the symbol of the sacred heart from a popular restaurant in Bogotá reminds her of her Colombian heritage, while adding another visually interesting object to her assemblage of essentials.


Sutnick uses an iPad to snap pictures, stay connected and take notes in class. However, what she enjoys most about the tablet is not its utility, but its case. Made of leather and featuring a fiery-toned deer, it showcases her style while keeping the iPad safe.

Back-up Items

“I’m secretly a mom,” Sutnick said jokingly, alluding to the precautionary Tide to Go pen, hand sanitizer and eye drops in her backpack. Her artistic eye extends to her personal appearance — she keeps a makeup bag and plenty of lip balm with her. Sutnick likes to look orderly, so she keeps her bag stocked in case she needs to freshen up. The contents of her backpack suggests how Sutnick likes to be prepared for anything, whether it’s sudden artistic inspiration or chapped lips.

“I don’t like to be without things,” Sutnick said. “It’s one of my fears to need something and not have it.”


version of this article appeared in the Thursday, Oct. 17 print edition. Alyssa Buffenstein is a contributing writer. Email her at [email protected]



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