Occupy Wall Street celebrates two years

To celebrate the second anniversary of Occupy Wall Street, approximately 200 people marched from Zuccotti Park, where the movement was founded, to Washington Square Park.

At the protest, the signs were similar to the original movement, which began with protesters fighting against corruption and more equality for 99 percent of Americans.

“We are not subhuman,” one sign read.

The Occupy movement has become an umbrella for several offshoot movements, including Occupy Sandy, which aids people affected by Hurricane Sandy, and an advocacy group against military intervention in Syria.


Katherine Ramos, 33, a participant in the event, described the event as a reunion.

“It’s not really a protest. It’s more of a regathering or a reunion [of] almost of all the folks who have been out in various parts of the country,” Ramos said. “[We are] remembering what we walked back into that park for and celebrating.”

Micah Turner, 25, said he was participating in the event to see the vast network the Occupy movement started.

“Today was about raising awareness and trying to build up some of the community projects going on in the Occupy movement,” Turner said. “A small group of people on fire can still change the world.”

Michael Domanico is a news editor. Email him at [email protected]



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