LaQuan Smith Spring/Summer 2014

Karen Reyes for WSN

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Despite the collection’s name, “Dark Summer,” LaQuan Smith’s designs radiated freshness and energy through a contemporary approach to casual wear. The soundtrack of the presentation included Nicki Minaj (an aficionado of LaQuan himself, sporting one of his bodysuits on an issue of Marie Claire), Kanye West, and Frank Ocean, heightening the atmosphere of vigor and modernity. Influenced by his travels, LaQuan aimed his spring designs toward the woman who is always on the go—a tribute to those ready and unafraid to be all places at once. This concept channeled clear confidence; power beamed from bodycon tailoring, fiery moto jackets, and the usage of unique materials such as scuba fabric, plastics, and crocodile textures.

This travel inspiration translated into windbreaker crop tops, scuba sweat pants, black high top shoes, and even a metallic visor. The models also unified under the sporty look, wearing slick ponytails to complement their strikingly dark eyes, strong brows, natural lips and shimmery, nude nails. Incorporating feminine aspects such as lace details, skater and bell skirts, and leather bras, LaQuan shaped the ultimate combination for chic composure. Overall the collection was cohesive, except for a few unfit pieces like his denim skirt with overblown, uncomfortably protruding ruffles that detracted from the nonchalance of the other creations. However, the boldness in the placement of an iridescent, reptile material was a captivating and enhancing motif; paired with nude, classic black, and pastel peach, the pop of texture was memorable addition.

Although LaQuan’s collection was more playful than his usual edgy approach, it actually signified his maturation personally as well as in the fashion industry. After asking him what “Dark Summer” symbolized, Smith replied, “I didn’t want people to take it too literal. I mean, the pieces are dark, but for me this was a reflection of my life, of how I’ve been designing, and a rebirth. Spring is about rebirth.” His beautiful vision raises the bar for all of us to feel comfortable in our own skin, no matter what places we travel to in the new season.

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