What’s in your bag?

Courtesy of Vanessa Karalis
Courtesy of Vanessa Karalis


Sarah Richman, a Gallatin sophomore studying graphic design, rarely has a spare moment as so much of it is spent dancing and choreograph- ing for the NYU dance team, Pulse Dance Project. When she’s not dancing, a vintage Coach satchel, filled with all her essentials, swings on her shoulder as she goes about her day. Stopping during a sunny walk to the Square, Richman gives WSN a look at her day-to-day happenings as she shares through of her bag.

Key Ring Full of Keys

Richman not only dances and choreographs for Pulse, but she also dances at the Broadway Dance Center here in Manhattan and choreographs for the Maple Avenue Dance Center in her Long Island home- town of Rockville Centre.
Whether running to dance rehearsals and the gym or catching a train to Long Island to choreograph, Richman’s chunky key ring allows her to hold all her activities in the palm of her hand.


Sunglasses and Wallet

A pewter wallet, detailed with tiny skulls, showcases Richman’s unique fashion sense. A mix of style and practicality, Richman chooses hold-all accessories that can keep up with her fast-paced schedule as she goes around the city.

“I’m constantly collecting bits of things here and there, so I need a big wallet to keep everything organized,” Richman said.

The Long Island native smiles when asked about her sunglasses. “One of my eight pairs,” Richman said as she examined the shades.

Sketchbook and pen

A budding graphic designer, Richman always has her sketchbook handy. The black, leather-bound book is brimming with sketches of everything from people to ordinary objects. Unlike many artists, Richman prefers to sketch with a pen. “Pens have such an amazing texture that you really can’t get from a pencil,” she said.

Much of Richman’s artwork started as simple sketches in her sketch- book before their completion. You can find an ever-growing artwork gallery on her website, which she designed and created herself.


When walking to and from classes on a day like today or rushing to dance rehearsals, you can be sure Richman always has her Beats by Dre earbuds with her. The dancer and choreographer incorporates her favor- ite music into many of her routines, citing a number of dance inspirations including Beyoncé, Mumford & Sons, Ben Howard and Damien Rice.

A version of this article appeared in the Thursday, Sept. 12 print edition. Vanessa Karalis is a contributing writer. Email her at [email protected]



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