Meskita Spring/Summer 2014

Maddie Freeman for WSN

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The blue lighting and soft dance music set the tone at the Meskita show and automatically transported spectators to a warm, tropical beach. The collection was filled with bikinis, cover-ups and dresses that utilized a variety of patterns and crotchet and would be ideal for any summer getaway; a wearer could easily go from lounging on the beach to a quick lunch at a posh restaurant.

The designs were simple and elegant, and the materials of the clothing were rich and luxurious. The dresses and cover-ups flowed effortlessly behind the models as they strutted down the runway.  The swimwear was detailed with various prints and unusual cuts.

Models sported sleek, pin-straight hair, and all had a rosy glow to their cheeks and lips. Their eyes were kept more subdued with a sweep of a blue hue leaving them with a very fresh and youthful spring look.

The collection ranged in soft hues from warm creams and yellows to baby blues and purples. And for the finale, Meskita created a gorgeous ivory ruched bikini that was paired with a chiffon hoodie in gold and ivory. It was breathtaking and the perfect way to end an overall stunning show.

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