Malan Breton Spring/Summer 2014

Claudia Mann for WSN

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As the beauty of the opera started to exude from the center of the room, the splendid sound of singing fused with the tone of the piano, bringing a romantic and elegant atmosphere to the room.

The collection featured Malan Breton’s signature silks and fabrics. The dresses accentuated the taste of feminism and traditional classic with the high neck collar and Monroe makeup and hairstyle. While the embroiled metallic thread added a little twist to the pink jacket, giving it a noble and dreamy style.

The cohesiveness of the collection could be seen in the textures and patterns of different pieces. As the colors became brighter, the style of nobility began to take over, bringing a sense of vitality to the collection.


One defining element of the collection was the use of the Eastern inspired patterns.

With the aid of the lighting, the silk texture reflected its shine and changed color to create a sense of elegance, adding an exotic taste. One standout look was composed of a navy sweater, golden trousers with circular Eastern patterns and a sparkling necklace to match the pants.

Although the showroom provided more time for people to scrutinize and perceive the designer’s outstanding skills in detailing, it still lacked the excitement of a runway show.

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