Siki Im Spring/Summer 2014

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Set in a grungy, concrete parking garage, the Siki Im Spring/Summer 2014 Menswear Collection was aptly set to the name of the collection, titled “Remorse.” In this simplicity amidst the cement blocks, the stage was set to receive the theme, which Siki Im explained was inspired by “Memory of sin…guilt…and regret.” The bare garage was transformed into a runway that truly relied on the work of the artist to transform it.

When the pounding, rhythmic beat began, the drab runway indeed saw new light with the passing of every model. Immediately, we see a somber attitude of the clothing, simple in every form. The colors are those of renewal, utilizing colors that are light and range from ivory, to mint, to salmon, to greys and pastels.

The men’s silhouette was a rather large one, giving off confidence and masculinity. The pieces were all classic menswear: chinos, shorts, shirts, but all of which featured an oversized fit.  The boxy proportions are described by Siki Im to “suggest a sense of liberation.”

Like in past shows, the designer included an assortment of headpieces; the all-white, simple piece seemed to allude to a simpler mindset.

The pieces in this collection appear derived from the scrubs of hospitals and prison uniforms. The neutral colors combined with the re-proportioned, re-designed classic men’s clothing and institutional uniforms portray the story of regret and forgiveness perfectly.

The only aspect of the show that was ill-fitting was the selection of black pieces, however overall, Siki Im successfully manipulated the bleak, grey walls of the space, and turned a dark past into a scene of a bright future.

Zyanya Salazar is a contributing writer. Email her at [email protected]