Mathieu Mirano Spring/Summer 2014

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Strutting through Fifth Avenue on a smoggy, sunny Manhattan day, one might find the sun beating down and the taxis blaring a din of doom; but for anyone decked in Mathieu Mirano Spring 2014 clothing, nothing will stop their stride.

“Less editorial, more reality”—the 22-year-old designer shared his vision for his cohesive collection that radiates straight up cool. Cigarette trousers, python bustiers, peplums that say “bite me,” and gilded, laminated white hot suits shout luxe urban.

White on white, red on red, gold on white on red—bold, sexy, polished and python are the notes to remember from Mirano’s fresh collection.

Hard structure meets soft femininity with finely tailored corsets that’ll make pedestrians look where they shouldn’t be. Paper-thin laminated coats speak “this ain’t your doctor’s lab coat,” but a suit made for a confident city slicker. High-waisted shorts cause the eye to gravitate toward the skin peaking below the python bustiers and underneath the Mirano silhouette.

The designer took a moment to state that his collection is meant for the real New York woman. He then pointed excitedly at a bright red ensemble of a Japanese silk body-hugging sweater, bustier and mini skirt.

Like scales on a beautiful sea creature, the python motif shined through the collection. Pristine craftsmanship and powerful design have caused stars like Lady Gaga and Nicole Richie to take a gander at his work.

Every model that presented Mirano’s collection flaunted her own sass and ego, but all wore the same, familiar pointed, skin-toned stiletto that even you might own.  So many outfits, but the same heel? Maybe Mirano is saying this: this collection may not suit the ordinary small-town girl, but there’s a fierce spirit in every woman that’s waiting for its moment to strut this city.

Erin Kim is a contributing writer. Email her at [email protected].