Students work to add all-university law fraternity


In an effort to create a community for pre-law students, CAS seniors Sonia Gupta and Brittany Sherman and CAS junior Ben Gilbert established Phi Alpha Delta, a pre-law school fraternity, at NYU.

“We found out there’s an actual pre-law fraternity, and it’s international.” Gupta said, “Everybody has it but NYU.”

The registration process, however, has been slow. To launch, clubs require approval from the CAS Student Council Board, as well as 20 interested members.

But a national chapter of PAD, said the founders, would create an enriching professional community that is lacking. Because there is no specific pre-law track that allows students to be in the same classes, there is little opportunity for communication among like-minded students.

“For pre-business you all take the same classes, but for pre-law you can take philosophy classes, any type of classes,” Gilbert said. “There’s no real community.”

Currently, resources for students are limited to the pre-law society and an undergraduate law society, said Gupta. And they focus more on what it takes to be pre-law, not how to do it.

Applying to law school could be daunting, said the founders, and PAD wants to help students alleviate that stress.

“An alumni network for the undergraduates would give mentors and connections… [and] career opportunities beyond law school,” CAS pre-law freshman Simone Leiro said. “Being surrounded by people who are on the same path as you could offer a support system.”

In order to create the kind of community they are looking for, Gilbert is reaching out to potential members and other law schools via Twitter and Facebook.

A version of this article appeared in the Monday, Sept. 9 print edition. Bailey Evans is a contributing writer. Email her at [email protected]