Jorge Arteaga Spring/Summer 2014

Alison Lee for WSN

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Rather than its usual interior designer clientele, Montauk Sofa was filled with leggy models and fashion connoisseurs as New York Fashion Week reached the edges of Lower Manhattan.

The SoHo furniture boutique served as a venue for Jorge Arteaga to debut his Spring 2014 collection of women’s wear on Thursday night.

The New York City based designer combined classic silhouettes with detailing involving geometric shapes to create a futuristic yet feminine look inspired by modern architecture.


This collection differs from Arteaga’s previous designs – which he described as more athletic and colorful – in that it embodies a sophisticated sexiness.  For example, the skirt on one particular dress rest at a rather conservative length while being made-up of sheer fabric from the mid-thigh down.

“This [collection] is more sharp, strong, and kind of very delicate,” said Arteaga.  “[It] makes women look like the highest level of sensuality.  And I think that’s where I want to keep going.”

While it is not as colorful as his previous collection, Arteaga still managed to incorporate his favorite colors into the designs.  The collection contains traditional Spring hues like pale peach and sea-foam green, but also tones such as royal blue and turquoise.

Arteaga’s collection is predominantly comprised of linen and silk; however, he adds some flare to these feminine fabrics by using laser-cut vinyl as detailing on a number of outfits.

“The vinyl looks like leather and when you see leather you think, ‘That’s a really strong female.’  But then you touch it and it’s very light and it’s perfect for Spring,” said Samantha Lust, a freelance stylist who collaborated with Arteaga.

“You know women have their moments where they want to wear very particular clothes. When they feel strong and fierce, I think that where my clothes come in,” said Arteaga.

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