Lulu Frost Spring/Summer 2014

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A jewelry label known for modernizing art and design trends of the past, Lulu Frost’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection entitled “Neon Brocade” blended 18th century royal embellishment with 1980s rebellion.

Regarding her concept for the collection, designer Lisa Salzer noted finding inspiration from director Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette and adding a mix of punk flair, which is evident in her draped necklaces and earrings overflowing with extravagant jewels of various sizes and designs clustered together and paired with ornamented chokers and cuffs of a thinner size.

The pieces were debuted at their Flatiron District showroom decorated with glowing neon pink signs, bird cages with peacocks resting atop them, and the occasional rainbow-dyed bouquet strewn about by the jewelry displays. Models positioned on a brocade-carpeted platform at the front of the room were dressed in neon from head-to-toe, wearing matching crop tops and maxi-length tulle skirts by Mary Kahle, complemented by gray and blonde bouffants and gold platform sandals from Zara.

The jewelry itself did not lack in color, either; on the contrary, from neon pinks and blues to mustard yellows and even black, no color was absent from the collection. In particular, one of the featured necklaces included jewels in multiple shades of emerald, lavender, burgundy, and aquamarine alongside tinges of neon pigments.

While certain pieces appeared faintly overcrowded and overwhelming when paired with each other, the collection as a whole was quite strong and numerous items were strong enough to stand on their own yet flowed nicely as a series. Lulu Frost provided a breath of whimsicality to the ever-popular punk trend happening as of late, and proved that bold colors combinations are no longer just for kids. Says Salzer of her collection, “It is targeted towards the independent woman.”

Gianna Collier-Pitts is a contributing writer. Email her at [email protected]