Reality Show cast reveals rewards, challenges of performance

Courtesy of Finn Cutler

Finn Cutler

Courtesy of Finn Cutler

Tisch junior Finn Cutler stated that he is playing a heightened version of himself in the show. He also said that his character also evokes the college archetype of a socially awkward freshman with a tendency to put his foot in his mouth.

His goal is to combine clowning around with realism so the audience will not only have a character to sympathize with, but one they can recognize.

“‘Oh God, I totally know someone just like that,’” Cutler said of what he hopes audience reaction will be. “‘And, oh God, I’m just like that, too.’”


He has had difficulty thinking of a favorite moment, but while he doesn’t want to spoil anything, he is particularly fond of a kung fu sketch that is new to this year’s show.

Zachary Infante
Courtesy of Zachary Infante

Tisch class of 2013 graduate Zachary Infante has been with the show for the past two years, and he continues to play a re- flection of himself as a freshman.

“It’s as though we are highlighting the playful, liberated and at times uncertain mindset of a new student on the NYU campus,” Infante said.

A highlight of his experience was when NYU President John Sexton brought the casts of the New York, Abu Dhabi and Shanghai Reality Shows together to meet. He also enjoys a sketch in the show where he finds himself running into street scam- mers. He said he believes his character has taught him a lot about watching his back on the street.

“Count your change,” he said.

Delia Kemph

Courtesy of Delia Kemph

Tisch sophomore Delia Kemph is one of the new cast members in the Reality Show, and while she is excited about working with people who have already experienced what NYU has to offer, she certainly has her own experiences to contribute. She said her role allows her to tap into any aspect of herself, which affords her the chance to let wildly different parts of her personality come into focus, such as an immediate transition from shy freshman to street-wise dispenser of city knowledge. Her favorite part of the show is a sassy doo-wop number that emphasizes safety in numbers.

“It sounds a little lame, but it’s actually so much fun to perform,” she said.

*Delia Kemph worked for WSN in the fall 2012 semester as a copy editor and contributing writer.

Tatiana Weschler

Courtesy of Tatiana Wechsler

Tisch senior Tatiana Wechsler can normally be found in the New Studio on Broadway of the Tisch School of the Arts, but during the summer, she has been rehearsing the broad range of sketches and songs that the Reality Show features.

“The Reality Show has been a great experience for me as an actor because we get to stretch ourselves in so many different directions,” Weschler said.

And her personal role in the show means she can tap into her playful, angry, goofy and serious sides without having to worry about breaking character. Her favorite part of the show is a song about the college generation’s overwhelming and insatiably addictive love for media and technology, even when it affects relationships with friends.

A version of this article appeared in the Sunday Aug. 25 print edition. Jonathan Keshishoglou is features editor. Email him at [email protected]



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