On the Wire: Your biweekly NYU news update (August 4th, 2013)

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Welcome back. Here are your clips for the last half of the week. Again [email protected] for your, you know, tips.

University news bites:

Civil liberties: A Steinhardt Professor of Applied Psychology argued that gay marriage can help fight AIDS in an op-ed published in the New York Daily News.

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Students with talent: NYU law alumni Brian L. Frye talks to CNN about the new President Nixon documentary he joint produced with his wife, Penny Lane.

BOMB?!: Tisch alum throws out his “prop suicide-bomb belt in the trash at his West Village building, prompting a massive police response.”

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Smoking and hearing?: In a surprising NYU School of Medicine study, second-hand smoke inhalation has been linked to hearing loss in teens.

Playing catch-up:

Shoutout: HashTagNYU’s tumblr has some great content for students. Including a rundown of BikeShare NYU and CitiBike.

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Election: EpochTimes wrote a profile of mayoral candidate and NYU alum Bill de Blasio. Catch up!


In and of the city: 

For transfer students: The 20 things you should know before the big move to the Big Apple.

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Headstrong: The CitiBike share, which has several locations downtown including Union Square, will be providing helmets to riders. The helmets, which will be cleaned and sanitized after use, can be rented at 10 Manhattan locations.


Community chit chat:

#2327: “As an incoming freshman, I honestly just can’t wait to finally get laid.”

@OverheardatNYU: “You only compliment the fat Chipotle girl because you want more guacamole.”




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