Postelles release sophomore album

Courtesy of +1 Records
Courtesy of +1 Records

New York locals the Postelles are back to make the ’80s cool again with their sopho- more album, ”And It Shook Me.” The record features 12 tracks that reinvigorate ’80s pop-rock style with modern melodies and bright guitar riffs for a refreshing yet vintage rock and roll sound.

The band’s eponymous debut album was produced by Strokes guitarist Albert Ham- mond Jr., whose solo records reflect a similar pop-rock feel to what is present on “And It Shook Me.” Starting with their titular track and continuing on “Pretend It’s Love” and “Oh My Luck,” the Postelles demonstrate a sound heavily influenced by The Kooks through the presence of unconventional vocals and acoustic guitars.

Lyrics like, “I won’t go if you won’t go/and I don’t ebb if you don’t flow,” in “Sweet Water” are fun and endearing, and they fit the general theme of light-hearted love songs on the album. While the verses themselves are often nothing outstanding, the overall com- position of each track on the album demonstrates a keen sense for unique melodies and flawless instrumentals. One cannot help but feel that the words sung are not as impor- tant as the way the song sounds as a whole.

Many tracks exude an ’80s teen-idol feeling, with romantic lyrics and upbeat melo- dies accompanied by subtle bass and piano parts. “You Got Me Beat” is reminiscent of Wham!’s youthful exuberance but made modern with chipper electric guitars and crisp vocals. The album takes a well-placed break on “Parallel Love,” a mid-tempo track about nostalgic memories, before kicking things back up with “Waiting by Your Window.”


Given the number of outstanding new musicians and bands that have gained popularity within the past year, the Postelles have stiff competition in the race to reach larger audi- ences. However, with time, persistence and a lot more experience, the band may grow to have a new, unique sound to offer fans.

A version of this article appeared in the Wednesday, May 1 print edition. Alexandria Ethridge is music editor. Email her at [email protected]



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