FRINGE: Danny Gomez

School: College of Arts and Science
Year: Sophomore
Major: Political Science
Style Inspiration: Music and punk scene

In a mass of lackluster lax bros in sweats and flip flops, CAS sophomore Danny Gomez represents the opulently hued tropical fish of the fashion sea. Whether decked out in polka dots, American flags, leather, denim or a red bandana, the musician is always at the top of his sartorial game. Better yet, like  most stylistically proficient people, Gomez doesn’t stress too much about his appearance.

“I don’t really think about it much,” he said. “I just wear what I feel comfortable with.”

As a member of the NYU-based band The Wives, Gomez certainly has a lot more to worry about than his wardrobe. Even so, he considers dressing well to be an essential part of an artistic temperament.

“As a musician, clothing is just another way to demonstrate art,” he said. “I think all aspects of music are a form of art: the lyrics, fashion sense, cover art, etcetera.”

For someone who doesn’t agonize over the details, Gomez’s outfits are meticulous in an accidental way. A sky-blue denim shirt worn under a Budweiser sweatshirt, a polka-dot button-down paired with slim black pants and jacket, and a gray two-piece suit with a white shirt and black tie are only some of the outfits that populate his closet. Gomez attributes his individuality and taste for the out-of-the-ordinary to his biggest fashion inspiration, Richard Hell, of the band Richard Hell and the Voidoids.

“He just had a genuine way of demonstrating comfort in personal style while at the same time representing himself,” Gomez said. “He was able to mix more casual attire with street wear to make a look that was fresh and represented the punk era in 1970s New York City. Also, he was innovative with everything from wearing shirts with holes and safety pins to wearing leather jackets and sunglasses everywhere. In the end, he was cool by not trying too hard or trying to be cool.”

Trying to be cool is what irks Gomez most about fashion. To him, representing yourself through your clothes means conveying a specific individuality, not adhering to trends and fads. Gomez detests the need people have to adhere to the current trend followed by the masses.

“Everyone creates their own fashion by looking in a manner that they feel to be presentable and shows who they are,” Gomez said.

Ultimately, Gomez is most at home when decked out in punk-friendly attire and jamming with his band, which is quickly gaining momentum. Whether he finds fame, Gomez plans to stay loyal to his unique fashion sense for all time.