[VIDEO] Op-ed Live: Vote of No Confidence


In light of the recent vote of no confidence against President Sexton, WSN invited two students and two professors on opposing sides of the vote to discuss the issues facing members of the NYU community. Tony Movshon, Professor and Chair of the Center for Neural Science, and Malina Webb, Chair of the Student Senators Council disagree with the recently passed VNC. Andrew Ross, Professor of Social and Cultural Analysis, and Daniel Jones, member of the NYU Students for Economic Justice, support the vote. Acting as mediator, Olivia Gonzalez discusses the faculty’s role in decision-making at NYU, the student perspective on NYU 2031 policies and the no confidence vote, and how students and faculty can and should participate in improving NYU.

Andrew Ross
Professor of Social and Cultural Analysis
Received his PhD from Kent University (Canterbury) and later joined the faculty at Princeton before he joined us at NYU. He has written for The New York TimesArtforumThe NationNewsweek and The Village Voice, he is also the author and editor of numerous books. He is also the president of the AAUP Chapter. Professor Ross voted “No Confidence” in John Sexton.

Tony Movshon
Professor of Neural Science and Department Chair
Received his doctorate from Cambridge University, where he studied visual neurophysiology and psychophysics. He joined the faculty of the Department of Psychology at New York University in 1975, and has remained here apart from a sabbatical year spent at Oxford University. Professor Movshon did not vote “No Confidence” in John Sexton.

Daniel Jones
Representative of the Students for Economic Justice
Daniel Jones is a member of the coordinating and leadership development committees of NYU Students for Economic Justice. The SEJ’s current projects include working to get President Sexton to cut NYU’s financial ties with JP Morgan Chase- NYU’s custodian bank. Daniel is an undergraduate at Gallatin studying applications of network theory to building a social movement, led by the poor, to end poverty.

Malina Webb
Chair of Student Senators Council
Malina is an Resident Assistant for a freshman residence hall and Chair of the Student Senators Council. Malina is a first generation college student and senior at NYU. She has advocated for NYU 2031 and worked with students as well as faculty on issues involving the Global Network University, NYU 2013, and other endeavors affecting the university.


Padmini Parthasarathy

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Alexander Linzmeier

Alexander Linzmeier
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