Brighten up hair with chalk to enjoy color without commitment

Michelle Lim for WSN


Chalk is no longer just for sidewalk art. A recent hairstyle trend is incorporating colorful pastel chalks that add flair to a normal hairdo. With spring in full blossom, bright colors are back for the next several months, and chalking can create a look similar to poppy hair dye without the commitment. It’s a fast and easy way to temporarily add color to your hair. Here are some helpful tips and advice before you start chalking.

Hair Color

If you have blond hair or blond tips, do not apply the chalk on wet hair. There is a high possibility that the color will function similarly to dyes that only last for a few washes. On the contrary, if you have darker hair, you need water to double the pigment and highlight the colors. For a better finish, twist your hair as you chalk. Turning strands of hair chalk allows the color to spread better over your locks.

Brand Name

Although people might tell you otherwise, never use regular sidewalk chalk. Getting the color to stick to your hair is nearly impossible. One of the most trusted hair chalk brands is Sennelier’s soft pastels, which can be found in most art stores ($40 for a set of 12). Whichever brand you use, keep in mind that the colors can stain your clothes during the day, so it’s best to wear something close to the color of the chalk you wear.

Shower Procedure 

Before showering, brush your hair thoroughly. Try to get out as much of the chalk before the wash to save time in the shower. Shampoo your hair with a clarifying shampoo after chalking. Conditioning afterward is a necessity, as it helps replenish the moisture that might have been lost.

Most of all, chalk sparingly. Brights are wonderful, and even though the brand Sennelier uses pure pigments mixed with minimal amounts of natural binders, at the end of the day, you’re using powerful pigment on your hair. This can remove the natural moisture. Make sure your hair enjoys downtime in between major chalking sessions.

Sanjana Kucheria is a staff writer. Email her at [email protected]