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Courtesy of Jeremy Stewart
Courtesy of Jeremy Stewart


Even though Tisch freshman Jeremy Stewart does not consider himself a high-end fashion blogger, there is no denying his flair for style and keen eye for detail.

In an effort to share his style tips and tricks with a larger audience, Stewart launched his fashion blog, The Art of Burgundy, in late February. Named after his favorite color, the blog focuses on what Stewart calls urban class, a style the Los Angeles native has developed since moving to New York City.

“I started my blog because people have always commented, for good or bad, on how I dress and I wanted to do something with that,” Stewart said. “I love style and I love talking about it with people, so the blog seemed like a natural thing to do.”


Each blog post highlights different urban class looks that can be found by browsing through the racks of stores like Urban Outfitters and H&M.  Stewart has drawn inspiration for these pairings from the closets of those around him and his own wardrobe. He has called upon those NYU friends whose style he admires to offer their fashion insight and even be models for the blog.

“He didn’t tell me what to wear. He trusted my sense of style enough to just let me know what he wanted to talk about, like skirts, sweaters or boots, and let me go from there — which was nice,” said Tisch freshman Alex Mutti, who has modeled women’s fashion on the blog.

Unlike other fashion blogs, The Art of Burgundy presents its style content in a distinct way. Fashion blogs are often littered with pictures that lack descriptions to aid readers in effectively recreating looks. Stewart’s daily posts, however, are accompanied by detailed descriptions on how and why various articles of clothing work together. Additionally, Stewart devotes an equal amount of time to discussing both men’s and women’s looks.

“Jeremy’s consciousness of fashion for men and women alike, and across all budgets, gives his blog a universality unseen in many other blogs today,” said Tisch freshman Emily Erickson, who follows the blog.

Even though Stewart does not envision a career within the fashion industry and prefers to pursue a career in acting instead, he plans to continue exploring and blogging about different styles and new ways to rock clothes.

“For now it is just a hobby that is developing into a passion,” Stewart said. “Hopefully [followers] enjoy reading it and hopefully they can improve their own sense of style as well.”

A version of this article appeared in the Thursday, April 4 edition. Deborah Lubanga is a contributing writer. Email her at [email protected] 



  1. Who is this person? Burgundy reminds me of the third and fourth Valois dukes of Burgundy, who ruled through an increasingly centralized government and became celebrated art patrons.


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