Email from Board of Trustees pushes transparency

Responding to recent demands for greater transparency and clarity in university decisions, Martin Lipton, chair of NYU’s Board of Trustees, sent out an email notifying the NYU community of a new webpage. The site presents facts regarding students, faculty and investments. In case you missed the email or just skimmed it, here are the key things to know.

“President Sexton now has encouraged the Board to help identify ways in which we might create better ways for the constituent voices at NYU to be heard”

Special Board Committee created by the Chairman
– talk with NYU community (NYU groups school-specific and general university), Faculty Senators Council and University Senate
– can arrange a meeting if you want
– “build upon, not supplant, the University Framework” from 2008
– “will issue a report that suggests improvements regarding NYU’s governance.”


“NYU is in a fast-changing educational environment and it is vital that we find ways to act decisively; nonetheless, as we make major strategic decisions, we can benefit from as wide a conversation as possible, so that we can elicit the wisdom of the University’s stakeholders.”

“From my perspective, one of the problems has been the degree of misinformation and lack of specificity in the claims that are made.”

NYU By the Facts
Website has graphic, but can click “Download data” to the left for more specific information
– Applications increased 45% from 2002 to 2012
– Study abroad almost doubled from 1,223 students in 2002 to 2,235 students in 2012
– Institutional aid for all students (undergraduate, graduate and PhD students) increased 134%
Capital investments
– $920 million academic capital improvements from 2002 to 2011, $628 million in student services and housing, $105 million spent on faculty housing and renovations
Financial measures
– Net assets are $3.2 billion, doubled from 2002 to 2012
– Includes US News and World Report, Times Higher Education, World University Rankings
Faculty and Administration
– Total base salaries for teachers has increased 64% while total base salary increase for administrators was 60.5%



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