Innovative mirror art gallery from Gallatin alum to be displayed

Beyoncé Knowles/WSN

Visual artist Patrick Specchio has transformed a Brooklyn condominium into a place for self-exploration.

The exhibit is titled “Art in Translation: Selfie, The 20/20 Experience.” Visitors access the exhibit by entering the apartment lobby and taking the elevator one flight down to the basement. When the doors open, viewers directly face a full-body mirror. There is a small point-and-shoot camera in front of the mirror, which is connected to a laptop a few feet away.

“Visitors engage with individuality through the camera by taking photos of themselves facing the mirror,” Specchio said. “It really boosts confidence and makes people feel sexy.”

Specchio is presenting this exhibit in conjunction with the Museum of Modern Art. He landed the project after presenting an exceptional photography exhibit at NYU’s Grey Art Gallery last year.

“This gallery plays with the reverse concept of my exhibition from last year,” Specchio said. “Instead of showcasing photography of myself and other individuals, I’m drawing the audience in to participate.”

“[‘Selfie’] really opened my eyes to the world of art,” said Tisch sophomore Hannah Horvath, who visited the exhibit. “It is the most innovative work I have seen in a long time.”

Those who visit the exhibit have the option to upload their photos to Facebook. All uploaded photos will be added to an online gallery titled “Born This Way.”

“Art in Translation: Selfie, The 20/20 Experience” will be on display through April 1.

A version of this article appeared in the Monday, April 1 print edition. Britta Perry is a fake, unprofessional therapist. Email her at [email protected]