Tisch student-produced web series ‘Dorm Therapy’ portrays resident hall living

Courtesy of Nicole Sandry


Courtesy of Nicole Sandry


Courtesy of Nicole Sandry


College life is construed in movies and television as one big party. Images of “Animal House” crowd the public image of living in college, even though most college students can confidently say they’ve never experienced anything like the infamous boozy toga parties of film lore. Seeking to change this perception are Tisch seniors Jo-Dean Seymour and Adam Carey, creators of the upcoming web series “Dorm Therapy.”


“Dorm Therapy” is a mockumentary about the lives of a college RA and the students who live on her floor, filmed in a deadpan style in the vein of shows like “The Office.” Seymour and Carey’s goal is to show a side of college that isn’t all about partying or drinking, and instead focuses on the wildly different students as they interact and adjust to life with each other.

Although the series is scripted, much of the plots and characters are based on the actual lives of the two creators, in an effort to make sure that “Dorm Therapy” remains a quirky but accurate representation of life in college. Seymour in particular has experience as a residence advisor. She has previously been an RA at Brittany residence hall, and she is currently holding the same position in Carlyle Court residence hall.

Even though the two finished filming, Seymour and Carey are still busy with marketing and publicity. The first season will be premiering Thursday, March 28 at the Cantor Film Center, and a fundraiser was held at Brad’s Pub last month. The fundraiser had various NYU groups perform, such as the Vocaholics, and drinks inspired by characters in the show were offered.

“Adam has experience in housing for four years, I have experience on the other side as an RA,” Seymour said. “The characters are warped versions of ourselves.”

The show has progressed quickly, with production starting last November and filming starting in January. Seymour and Carey co-wrote all 13 episodes of the first season, but the cast and crew have been contributing much of their time and energy as well.

“We’ve essentially dedicated our lives to this, knowing others are dedicated to this is huge,” Carey said.

Tisch junior Melissa Ladner, who has worked with the technical crew of the show on numerous occasions, is very excited for the upcoming premiere.

“I was present for a couple different readings when we got to hear the script brought to life by the talented actors involved,” Ladner said. “Both times it was clear that the story is strong and the characters honest and relatable, both keys to creating content an audience will enjoy.”

Jessica Smith, a cast member of “Dorm Therapy” and former Tisch student, stated her opinion about the show in an interview released on the show’s Facebook page.

“I think there are a lot of things that ring true with the college experience, whether you’re in college or … not in college,” Smith said. “I think the interpersonal relationships ring true to life.”

Tickets for the premiere are available for free at dormtherapy.eventbrite.com

A version of this article was published in the Monday, March 25 print edition. Jonathan Keshishoglou is a staff writer. Email him at [email protected] 





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