Into the city: Moving off-campus

Many students fantasize about a life after dorms. They dream about a cozy Greenwich Village apartment, a Lower East Side abode above a cafe or an Uptown pad with convenient subway access. The decision to move out of NYU housing is a weighty and permanent change worth debating. Here are some things to consider before opting out of university housing:


Moving off campus means no more RA mediator, so issues are resolved in-house and fast. One of the most common problems you will encounter when moving off campus with roommates is deciding how to pay the rent and discussing the breakdown. Whether it’s by square-footage or evenly split, it’s vital to establish before move-in day. Also, establish a guest policy.


Filling an empty apartment is both expensive and a hassle. Decide where you will store your items if you study abroad, leave housing for the summer or if you have to switch apartments.


There will be no more pesky RAs or faculty advisors to come into your room and check on you, but that doesn’t mean people still don’t live around you. Apartment buildings often come with neighbors of all sorts — elderly people, young families and other college kids who like to blast music late at night.


Although it is possible to find apartments with swipe card access, doormen or heavy-duty locks, these luxuries often come at a price.


Having your own space away from university life can be relaxing but also inconvenient. Consider travel time to classes and transit expenses. See if it is possible to catch one of the NYU buses to alleviate commuting stress.

– Gentry Brown



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