Do-it-yourself dorming

Lily Chin for WSN


Free up desk space by condensing lamp cords, charger cords and other electrical wires with this simple cord wrapper.

Lily Chin for WSN


Cut a 5 inch by 3 inch rectangle from a piece of cardboard.



Lily Chin for WSN

Next, use a hole-puncher or scissors to make a small hole on the top left and bottom right corners of the cardboard. Make sure the holes are big enough to hold one cord. Then, cut a line to the punched hole from the closest edge of the cardboard. Design as needed. Insert one end of the wire into one hole and wrap until you reach the end of the wire. Insert the last bit of wire into the second hole.

– Lily Chin


If your dorm room already looks like a cold, lifeless hospital room, it is your responsibility to breathe some life into it. Room décor can be a way to express yourself, but it’s also a way to build positive energy in your living space. Here are some ways to be inspired from what you thought was a bland shared space.


Add some whimsy with vintage maps and your favorite movie posters — the older, the better. Maps bring a smart look, but also portray warmth and antiquity. Finding the perfect vintage movie poster can be tough, but once it’s up on the wall, you will be able to channel the same creativity, inspiration and bold glamour from your favorite film.


String lights seem to be a staple in decorating a college dorm room, and for good reason. There’s something comforting and inviting about warm lights. Try putting up a new variety of different shapes, like hearts, stars and small lanterns, or even your favorite cartoon character to create a jovial atmosphere.


Personalizing your room can be fun if you make your own décor. Buy inexpensive woodblock letters with your initials or name from a craft store, and decorate however you please. Glitter paint, sequins, googly eyes, beads and stickers are just some of the countless options. Express your pride and self-confidence by hanging your letters on the wall.


Seeing photos of your loved ones and memories of good times will cheer your spirits on a tough day. In addition to displaying personal pictures, stimulate your artistic side by going through old magazines and cutting out images that define your goals or lift your mood. Embed the cutouts with your own pictures to create a montage mini poster of who you are.


When it comes to decorating, opt for brighter colors. A tiny dorm room will only seem more suffocating if you add dark colors. When choosing a comforter, go for a light colored graphic or pattern. This will visually widen your room. When natural light streams into the room, the bright color will invigorate the space and your attitude.

– Michelle Lim


Coffee table books are typically thick and expensive, especially if you are moving every nine months. These magazines are slimmer alternatives that will do the same thing — give house guests something to look at and use to catch up on current events.



For both the sports fan and the average college student, ESPN features mind-blowing action photography.

Hollywood Reporter

Hollywood Reporter

Get past the entertainment PR by taking an insider look at the Hollywood machine.



Dedicated to the art of entertaining, Kinfolk offers photo essays and recipes.



Complement your global studies with a lifestyle magazine about international culture.



An oversized glossy that intelligently blends fashion photography with cultural criticism.

– Francis Poon



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