Angel Sanchez Fall/Winter 2013

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Angel Sanchez’s usage of intricate embroidery and detail captivated the crowd. His collection embodied a very feminine aesthetic with flowing evening gowns, and juxtaposed it with dark makeup that gave each model a tough edge.

Many of the models sported evening wear that reflected Sanchez’s expertise in tailoring and draping, which greatly complimented each model’s figure. The dresses moved gracefully down the runway while expressing a high sophistication.

In some looks, Sanchez combined lighter fabrics like crepe bateau and organza with heavier elements like tulle and corazza jacquard detailing, which gave these looks a tough feminine complexity.

The most eye-catching element of the collection was Sanchez’s black and gold applique embroidery. This embroidery stood out in a three-dimensional way that gave each gown an intricate sense of movement.  The Sarah Loertscher geometric jewelry that each model wore also complimented this elegant movement and complexity of the collection.

Even though many pieces of the collection evoked a high sense of tough feminine sophistication, some more plain pieces with lesser detail and embroidery did not stand up to par with the other pieces of the collection.

Many reoccurring elements in the collection were one shoulder dresses, side panels, and gold detailing.

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