Ricardo Seco Fall/Winter 2013

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With a DJ pumping intense house music, models filed one by one onto risers in the brick and concrete showroom of Eyebeam Studios in Chelsea at the Ricardo Seco Fall/Winter 2013 presentation. Ricardo, recently having moved to Williamsburg, cited the “intersection of Hassidic and hipster” as his inspiration for the collection, titled “ALIVE.”

The combination was certainly original, and manifested quite literally: models all wore leather caps in the shape of kippahs (the traditional Jewish hat) and long sideburns, and some shirts featured embroidered images of the back of a Hasidic Jewish man’s head. The elements formed a possibly too literal interpretation of the cultural inspiration, but the collection did display coherence with its more subtle Orthodox-like high necklines and black and white color palette.

The pieces were also accented by lots of leather, touches of snakeskin texture, Converse sneakers, and pops of deeply saturated forest green. The recurring silhouette was a long, baggy coat or jacket paired with skinny, ankle-zip pants in leather or wool.

Leather is a major component of the collection—oversize biker jackets, vests of part green wool and part quilted black leather, even a leather fringe scarf were featured; one standout piece was a coat with loose, flowing panels of fabric.

Despite some highly unconventional components with questionable wearability, the majority of Seco’s designs were very attractive, hovering between classic and edgy. The boldest pieces still earn Seco credit for risk-taking.

Ariana DiValentino is a staff writer. Email her at [email protected]