Steven Alan Fall/Winter 2013

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With post-bop music wafting through the presentation space at Lincoln Center, the themes are casual, cool, collected and retro. Step back some decades ago when Jane Birkin flourished among a lax generation that indulges in the avant-garde and free jazz. Welcome to Steven Alan’s Fall Winter 2013 collection, fresh off the New Wave and grounded in classic America.

Alan shares that the tunes playing at the office space were post-bop music, so it seemed natural for the designer to embrace that vibe.

Alan easies into womenswear with his signature girl-meets-boy charm. Cream and sky blue palettes on wool sweaters and coats team well with a chambray shirt dress or an ivory window-pane pattered silk dress that relaxes below the knees. A pin striped shirts and dresses exude sixties San Francisco, but Alan brings us back to our current century topping these early patterns with more modern, masculine emphasis. Leather skirts and tailored coats seem fit for the boys but nonetheless flatter the ladies.

The men’s side is just as relaxed and young. Slim trousers reminiscent of sweatpants are paired with a camel colored coat over a light crew neck sweater and collegiate shirt. The expected man’s suit is loosened up with a comfortable turtleneck or a unconventional take on the blazer that whispers navy through its felt-like texture.

Tailored pants, turtlenecks, comfortable trousers that tie in at the ankles and collegiate class are staples for Alan’s autumnal collection.

Out to lunch or on a day, these smart looks are made easy for the collegiate gent and lady who don’t mind spending a Friday night with a Jean Luc Godard film marathon. 

Erin Kim is a contributing writer. Email her at [email protected]