Daniella Kallmeyer Fall/Winter 2013

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Katherine Hepburn meets Tilda Swinton. The Fall/Winter 2013 collection composed by Daniella Kallmeyer has Old Hollywood and androgyny written all over it.

Kallmeyer’s women are not seen doing curtsies. These women own the land they tread on in black leather heels capped with gold. They rest their legs on the arm rests of sofas. They gossip in their color blocked dresses shaped with feathers or grounded red colors. Today, they are lounging at the lodge after a leisurely ski in the Swiss Alps and wearing what they’ve packed their bags with—Kallmeyer’s aggressively feminine collection.

After outside recreation, these women know how to relax, but maintain class. They keep on their heels, but roll down the hosiery. They maintain a clean hair do, but with jelled-back, effortless style. They keep their fingers clean, but their nails clashing in gold and black crackle. They exude a feminine seduction, but a fearless masculine demeanor.

From summer to fall, the tones have grown darker evident with jet black leather shirts over button downs, and dresses slashed with burgundy and grounded hues. This lady gone skiing has taken her break in pleated wool trousers, coats and ensembles accented with flourishing furs. We see no spandex but enough knits to keep the winters balmy. The materials this season have gone warmer, heavier, richer in texture, but the conversation of masculinity, femininity and androgyny plays on.

Don’t be offended if these slouchy jackets and daring texture combinations are not what your typical polite lady wears. The women who live in Kallmeyer are the edgier, alternative fresh princes—chilling out, maxing, and ultimately relaxing all cool.

Erin Kim is a contributing writer. Email her at [email protected]