Ohne Titel Fall/Winter 2013

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Design duo Flora Gill and Alexa Adams of Ohne Titel played with the opposing tensions of strength and ease for their Fall/Winter 2013 collection, which translated into sharp graphic prints and easy silhouettes.

Gill and Adams looked to artist Tauba Auerbach’s woven twill tape canvases for inspiration, which meant a bevy of chunky cozy knits (clearly what the pair does best) with a textured basket weave.

The color palette was an odd mix of persimmon, cobalt blue and olive green. While the persimmon was a punchy, unexpected color for fall, the best looks were the soft cream and black ones, which were less contrived. The vibrant persimmon sweater paired well with grid print silk pants, lending a more techno-futuristic vibe.

The effortless, almost bohemian silk pants were the clear standout of the collection, leaving onlookers buzzing about when they could get their hands on a pair.

The grid print, made with mathematical precision, was carried throughout the collection in various iterations – from skirts and dresses to flowing pants and even a grid-cut fox fur coat.  The stand out look was a grid knit pullover paired with a coordinating graphic skirt and quilted leather belt all in striking black and white. The clean lines and subtle flounce at the hem made for a perfect study in balance and cool-factor.

Accessories included edgy Eddie Borgo cuffs and chains and bizarre quilted leather headpieces that unfortunately distracted from the details of the clothing. Pin straight hair with a glossy deep side part and neon orange lips punctuated the collection.

Hilary Presley is a staff writer. Email her at [email protected]