Ruffian Fall/Winter 2013

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Ruffian’s Fall 2013 show started with a bright red light to create an alternative mood in the audience. Alternative rock music was playing in the background to further add the rock and retro style. The looks, however, came off as more of a 60’s style made modern rather than alternative or retro.

Designed by Brian Wolk and Calude Morais, Ruffian’s first model wore a bright violet suit with a long flowery patterned shirt, almost looking like a short dress. Accessorized with a bright violet hat in the style of a helmet and brown leather short-heeled boots, it was clearly noticeable that Ruffian’s look was very official.

Throughout most of their looks, there was a repeating pattern of stripes and flowers, styled with ties, bows and corsets. The models were alternating between different accessories including round sunglasses, hats and the boots. The boots were either smart, official, brown leather boots or casual winter snow boots, showing how the designers can make their outfits smart and formal or casual and comfortable.

The designs started off abstract with bright colours and minor patterns, moving then simpler designs with more bold and solid colours such as black, brown, blue and white. Each look was very English-inspired, but with a hint of East Asian fashion. A long necklace with Chinese designs was added, making it a standout piece.

Angana Maheshwari is a contributing writer. Email her at [email protected]