PARKCHOONMOO Fall/Winter 2013

Rachel Cabbitt/WSN


Severity and starkness were key themes as PARKCHOONMOO Autumn/Winter 2013. The theme of the collection was “Arctic,” and it showed, with layers of wool, silk, and especially leather comprising wintry pieces like knee-length jackets, down coats, and flowing, oversize knit sweaters. As is Park’s signature style, the pieces utilized a very neutral color palette of black, white, grey, and cream, with the occasional subtle hint of navy or slate blue.

The inspiration for the collection was a nature documentary, in which Park was moved by the image of an iceberg breaking off of a massive glacier, leading her to consider the fragility of the environment as well as of humans against the intimidating power of nature, which translated into the icy hues and geometric features of the clothing, not to mention glacier-printed dresses. Angular patches of padding were featured on several articles of clothing, a nod to the beauty of the Arctic as well as to the concept of providing humans with protection against the threatening environment. This idea also manifested in the overwhelming practicality of the collection: water-repellent and padded outerwear (including duvet wraps, carried over the models’ arms but designed to be worn for warmth) are winter-friendly attributes not often seen in fashion.

Oddly, each model was wearing a pair of chunky white athletic sneakers. This seemed a bit incongruous with the bundled-up style of the collection, but overall did not detract from a beautiful and unconventional show.

Models sported appropriately stark but elegant tight, center-parted low ponytails and neutral makeup with dewy cheekbones, which did not take attention from the clothing: Some of the standout pieces were the most dramatic, including satin wraps, mesh tops with silk patches, and the long silk-jersey dress with an unexpectedly open back that elicited an audible reaction from the viewers.

Ariana DiValentino is a staff writer. Email her at [email protected]