Hervé Léger by Max Azria Fall/Winter 2013

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“It’s about dreaming,” said designer Max Azria backstage at his fall 2013 Herve Leger by Max Azria runway show.

If there is one skill Azria and his design partner Lubov Azria have honed in the past six years, it’s their ability to reinvent their signature stamp: the bandage dress.

This year’s collection of body-conscious dresses took a trip to France, taking inspiration from the artist duo Les Lelanna who sculpt surreal animals and vegetation, and who are unafraid of mixing reality and nature with the imagination. Like the French artists, the Azria duo fused together elements of nature with an urban landscape to create a line of form-fitting pieces with stud details, intricate embellishment, and jacquard weaving—all for the woman who isn’t afraid to dream, take risks, and push boundaries.

And the Azrias pushed the envelope themselves this year, adding a new dimension to their bandage dresses by crafting them with applique and geometric beading, caviar textures, and leather harnesses and corsets. A standout feature of the fall line was the designers’ ability to accent each dress with either a goatskin fur hoodie or a baseball cap. The harsh accents, however, did seem somewhat out of place with a line that Azria had described as delicate.

Unlike the neutral but vibrant color scheme of the spring 2013 collection, which was inspired by a quilt-weaving community in rural Alabama, the fall 2013 lineup was rooted in a palette of blacks, greys, and dark jewel tones like bordeaux purple, malachite green, alabaster white, and midnight port. Exotic prints also crept into the collection in the form of gunmetal scroll printed pants and ocelot leopard printed bandage dresses.

What haven’t the Azrias already accomplished? Over the years they’ve managed to create a bandage dress that any woman could wear simply by revamping their iconic item in its design and style. And at today’s runway show, the Azrias announced the launch of Herve Leger by Max Azria footwear that is slated to hit the designers’ boutiques in the coming months. So what do they have in store for the future?

“I don’t know…let me think about that tomorrow,” Max Azria said with a laugh.

Whatever that may be, one thing is certain. When Max and Lubov put their minds together, they stretch the horizons of their design aesthetic to create clothing for every kind of woman.

Kristina Bogos is features editor. Email her at [email protected]