Susan Woo Fall/Winter 2013

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Susan Woo is known throughout the fashion world for creating 100% eco-friendly and sustainable women’s clothing, and her collection successfully embodied the philosophy of her brand: blending high design with both environmental and social consciousness.

Woo won the Ecco Domani Fashion Foundation Award for Sustainable Design and was rewarded a grant to fund her presentation during New York Fashion Week, where she showcased a collection of clothes produced using fair labor practices.

The collection was very polished and clean, consisting of clothes made for the everyday businesswoman or for the chic trendsetters. The outfits were mostly solid, dark colors, with a constant theme of black and white. There were, however, a few pieces with patterns, like the plum striped dress. Color blocking was also prevalent in Woo’s collection, in outfits like the black bustier top with a long white pencil skirt and a black sweater with a white button-up underneath.

One piece that stood out was a black dress with a sheer midriff, a daring piece amidst a collection that seemed conservative and business casual. The hair was braided in the front and tied into a teased ponytail in the back. The dark purple eyes and nude lips made up for the lack of jewelry in the collection.

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