Monika Chiang Fall/Winter 2013

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Inspired by a recurring dream of flying, as well as the fascinating wings of birds, Monika Chiang’s newest collection soars. While her last collection was “more

sporty,” as Chiang described, she took a dramatic turn for this season. She also
strived to include silhouettes suggestive of military and aviator uniforms.

The looks ranged from theatrical to relaxed. One of the first looks featured a
leather “Nairobi” dress with side cutouts, along with thigh-high boots and a simple
black clutch. This blend of simplicity and drama was featured heavily throughout
the collection, from a basic but beautifully tailored officer coat to a belted ivory
“flight” silk jumpsuit.

One of the stunning standouts was an embellished gold and black gown, with
a sheer skirt over leather leggings. Another gorgeous sheer look was a flowing flight
cape over maroon leather leggings.

The crowded room had an enjoyable atmosphere, with top 40 songs,
including hits by Fun. And Ellie Goulding. The models, of course, dominated from
their pedestals in the center of the room.

The models looked avian themselves with wind-ruffled ponytails and
feather-inspired eye makeup. Their gold, feather-shaped accessories, including hand
shields and bib necklaces, also added to the theme of flying.

Monika Chiang herself was there, drawing a crowd to the back of the room.
She made herself welcoming and accessible for interviews and photographs. Other
celebrities present included rapper and actress Eve and Django Unchained breakout
model-turned-actress Nichole Galicia.

Valerie Nelson is a contributing writer. Email her at [email protected]