Katie Gallagher Fall/Winter 2013

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Black has always been the signature color of the fashion world, especially in New York City. In her Fall/Winter 2013 collection, designer Katie Gallagher put a unique and fantastical spin on the stereotypical black-on-black New Yorker style. The collection, entitled “The Winter Froze You Away,” takes us on a journey through a gloomy and mysterious winter wonderland.

Snow and ice were recurring motifs throughout the collection. The raw, natural textiles were manipulated in interesting ways to create new shapes and textures. Several coats were made of a thick, polka dot textured wool, and many garments included cutwork leather that created the image of icicles. The models were covered up in oversized coats and maxi dresses, but still managed to show some skin through mesh panels and cutouts. Each model wore chunky black leather wedges, and many of the looks included oversized hoods, adding to the sinister feel of the collection.

Even better than the clothes themselves was the styling. Consistent with the theme of a winter aesthetic frozen solid, each model was given a glowing, frosted complexion that contrasted well with the dark clothes. The makeup was minimal, aside from a bit of shine on the eyes and cheekbones, and the characteristically icy model stare worked perfectly with Gallagher’s concept. Combined with slicked-back hair and glamorously textured ponytails, the styling perfectly complemented the cold, austere garments.

Gallagher’s own personal style was clearly present in the collection, and her decision to go all black worked well in favor of her theme and aesthetic. Though there was a slight lack of variety as many of the silhouettes seemed to overlap form look to look, the uniquely cosmopolitan theme and spot-on styling made the show both haunting and captivating.

Deeksha Mehta is a contributing writer. Email her at [email protected]