BCBGMAXAZRIA Fall/Winter 2013

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Lights dimmed to a whisper as the audience was immediately mesmerized by the thumping Middle Eastern inspired electronic beats. As the first model glided with her stoic yet soft face, each soul in the Theater at Lincoln Center was breathless.

Max and Lubov Azria’s autumn collection was a chic reflection of Istanbul’s architecture and the gypsy style of southern Europe, that oddly exuded both coldness and warmth at the same time.

The surprising element was the intense unity of each item to the theme of “Middle East meets modern.” Each model flung on either a fluffy and slouchy fur vest or coat, or wore a drape-like silk, floor-length dresses that effortlessly floated through the runway. However at the same time, each piece was balanced with the edgy component of black, brown, or burgundy leather. If the model wasn’t wearing a bulky leather jacket, she had on what looked like leather leg warmers or knee-high leather boots.

It was also uniquely endearing to see each model rocking a matching knitted beanie that seemed to be the prime bohemian winter accessory predicted by BCBG.

The look that left everyone in awe was the elegant, almost angel-like sleek white with beige-spotted dress that was paired with a majestic fur-lined white wool jacket. With her pointed flats and leather leggings, the model looked like a perfect white wild unicorn.

Another outstanding piece was the knee-length white fur vest decorated with black, caramel, and blue-grey spots that had an elegant, tribal and powerful aura.

The deep hues of indigo, burgundy, and greyish lavender created such an elegant harmony with New York City’s staple color– black. The styling was perfectly sleek with straight loose hair, warmed up by the nude make up that gave a clean glow to each model.

The collection was extremely coherent— maybe too coherent. Each look was reflective of the one before, and may have bored some of the members of the audience. But the purpose of BCBGMAXAZRIA was clear, strong, and unwavering.

Michelle Lim is beauty & style editor. Email her at [email protected]