Tips for a flu free season

Map of clinics and pharmacies close to campus that offer the flu shot.

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In an interview with Marcy Ferdschneider, D.O. Medical Director of the NYU Student Health Center, we asked what NYU students could do to prevent the flu.

Question: What is the cost of a flu shot at the NYU Student Health Center? (Difference between NYU insurance and non-NYU insurance?)

Answer: The best way to prevent the flu is to get vaccinated against the virus. In an effort to reduce barriers to vaccination and in response to the uptick in cases in NYC, SHC has waived the cost to all students for the flu vaccine for the remainder of the flu season.

In addition to waiving the fee, SHC will be holding 2 more outreach events this semester: Jan. 29 at Kimmel at the SRC (room 210) from 12 to 4p.m., and Feb. 5 at Palladium in the gym from 3 to 7p.m.

We strongly encourage all students who want the vaccine to attend these events. If you are unable to attend these events, please see our website for information on how to get a vaccine at the SHC,

Question: About how many students have taken advantage of flu shots offered by the Student Health Center? How does it compare to previous years (more or less students)?

Answer: To date we have vaccinated over 7,000 students, which is an 11 percent increase over last year at this time.

Question: What resources does the Student Health Center have if a student ends up with the flu?

Answer: The best way to prevent the flu is to get the vaccine. But, even in a year like this one, when the flu vaccine targets the exact strains of the flu that are going around, the vaccine is not 100 percent effective.

Wash your hands frequently and thoroughly and make sure you take care of yourself. Eat well, exercise and rest. If you do become ill, remember to cough or sneeze into your elbow or a tissue and then dispose of the tissue properly.

Avoid crowds or large gatherings when you are sick so you don’t risk spreading your illness to others. If you develop flu-like symptoms (fever, cough and/or sore throat), stay home until you are fever-free for 24 hours, without the use of fever reducing medications. If you are not sure if you have the flu or have other questions regarding your symptoms, you can come to SHC to see a health care provider or call us at any time at 212-443-1000 to speak to a nurse.

Veronica Carchedi is city/state editor. Email her at [email protected]



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