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In the digital age, there is no longer a need for cookbooks and handwritten recipes. Cooking shows have been brought to the Internet. But though online cooking shows are convenient and fun to watch, it can be difficult to sift through the thousands of channels on YouTube to find the cream of the crop. Here are a few of the best and most creative ones.

Epic Meal Time

EpicMealTime is not only one of the most popular cooking shows on YouTube; it is also one of the most popular channels on the entire website. The guys behind the show cook classic food with an epic spin. In the group’s most popular episode, the hosts use 45 hamburgers, piles and piles of bacon (they add bacon strips to everything they make) and a large cup of Big Mac sauce to create fast-food lasagna. They recently began adding up the number of calories in each dish, and the numbers have passed 60,000. At the end of each episode, the guys are joined by friends to indulge in the epic creation.


Heavy Metal Kitchen

If greasiness is not for you, try HeavyMetalKitchen. In vegan chef Tim’s most popular episode, he creates seitan, a food made from gluten that looks very similar to meat. But the fun doesn’t stop with the food — he dresses up as Satan as well for a punny addition. In each episode, the chef not only creates yummy vegan dishes, but also includes sketch comedy to entertain viewers while the meal is cooking. His show is an amusing take on vegan cooking.

Cooking with Dog

CookingWithDog teaches viewers to create great Japanese dishes with a dog, but not in the way you might think. Francis, a gray poodle, is the host of the show, and narrates while his cooking partner does the work. The show teaches easy-to-follow traditional Japanese recipes, as well as special recipes like Thanksgiving sweet-potato mushipan. In case anyone finds it difficult to interpret Francis’ heavy accent, the recipe is also typed up and displayed at the end of the show.

Great Depression Cooking

For an unusual spin on traditional cooking, 96-year-old host Clara recreates dishes from the Great Depression, giving her audience a history lesson along with her recipes. The Great Depression was an era when people didn’t have much access to quality cooking equipment and had little money, so the recipes are surprisingly appropriate for budget-conscious college students. Recreating dishes like Italian ice and pizza, Clara shows that if she can cook it, anyone can.

Cooking with Karma

In this series, host Karma creates easy-to-make dishes. Each week, she follows a certain theme such as baking with Oreos or cooking with passion fruit to create a variety of yummy dishes. Her channel features playlists for videos on sweet treats, party foods, dinner ideas and more. Her videos are short and efficiently show how to create her dishes step by step.

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