NYU Madrid students participate in culinary workshop

MADRID — NYU Madrid students headed to cooking school Apetit´Oh! for a cultural workshop to familiarize themselves with some of the most traditional Spanish dishes. This mandatory cultural workshop aimed to integrate students into their new living environment. Three single-day courses were offered and included Food and Culture, Dance and Music and Spanish Wines: History and Tasting.

Food and Culture introduced the students to traditional Spanish food while they participated in a cooking session and learned a few typical Spanish recipes. Not knowing what to expect, 15 students in the program donned their aprons. Knives in hand and stomachs growling, they made the following four dishes.

Paella Mixta

Paella is a very common rice dish that originates from the eastern Spanish region of Valencia. Of the many different types, Paella Mixta is one of the most famous amongst Madrileños. This dish includes rice, several vegetables and a few of proteins, including chicken, calamari, shrimp, clams and scallops. To add color and even more flavor, saffron is added to the mixture for a vibrant and hearty dish.

Croquetas De Jamón

Croquetas are a very typical Spanish tapa usually served with drinks at the bar. After mixing flour, oil, ham and milk, the pasty-like mixture is separated into small, cylindrical pieces. Afterwards, they are rolled in bread crumbs and fried in oil. Appearing similar to mozzarella sticks, these Croquetas serve as the perfect appetizer or afternoon snack.


Gazpacho is a tomato-based, vegetable soup originating from the southern Spanish region of Andalucía. Traditionally served cold, Spaniards mostly consume it as a refreshment on hot summer days. Dice up tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and red peppers to blend; add a little salt and the gazpacho is ready to be served.

Tortilla De Patatas

Tortilla de patatas, also known as the Spanish omelette, is another classic Spanish dish. It consists of a thick omelette mixed with potatoes and onions and fried in olive oil. Considered one of the most common specialties, it can be found in every region of Spain. There are also numerous variations of this dish depending on specific regions; however, a tortilla consisting of eggs, potatoes and onions is the most common.

Natasha Babazadeh is a foreign correspondent. Email her at [email protected]