Food Network chef opens Times Square restaurant

Tanay Hudson for WSN

When it comes to Times Square dining, there is Restaurant Row, and many other wonderful eateries to choose from: Bubba Gump, Hard Rock Cafe and Dave & Buster’s. What other restaurant could Times Square need to make it even more fantastic?

On Sept. 10, Guy Fieri of Food Network fame opened his first restaurant in Times Square, aptly named Guy’s American Kitchen & Bar. With menu items like Tequila Turkey Fettuccine and Root Beer Ribs, Fieri adds edge and novelty to the heart of New York City.

As soon as patrons walk in, they see wall adornaments that say “Welcome to Flavor Town” and “Love, Peace and Taco Grease.” This old New York Times building turned flavor-packing district features three full bars with Guy’s own line of beers and a drink dessert selection, along with signature dishes such as Sangria Glazed Shrimp, Cedar Plank Salmon with Jalapeño Apricot Jam and Cajun Chicken Alfredo.

Prices can be steep, however, ranging from $9.95 for the cheapest appetizer to $39.00 for the most expensive entree.

But in addition to enjoyment of the menu items, customers can experience the dedication and passion that goes into the food and design of the restaurant.

“This restaurant embodies everything that Guy loves,” said marketing director Maggie Monahan. “Everything in the restaurant reflects Guy and something about his life and his passion, from music to the U.S., his car and the kitchen of course.”

Whether you consider these dishes weird or amazing, you can be assured that Fieri puts nothing but love into his creations.

“Everywhere he goes he takes a piece of what he finds and likes and he creates … It’s not about just throwing some things together,” Monahan said. “It’s really a thought-out process of what is going into the food and what people enjoy.”

Hostess Karlie Lewis and waiter Neil Brown both love the restaurant’s atmosphere. Lewis said the best part of the job is working for Fieri himself, whereas Brown said he enjoys serving the upscale clientele in a classy environment.

Even though such daring food combinations could potentially turn people away, NYU students seem intrigued by the idea of a 500-seat establishment that offers fried ice cream and pretzel chicken tenders.

“It’s definitely something to treat yourself to,” said CAS senior Christina Alvarez. “Guy Fieri is very eccentric himself, so I wouldn’t expect anything less from him.”

Others are turned off by the hefty Times Square prices.

“Prices are not student-friendly, but I’m curious of how they put root beer on ribs,” Steinhardt junior Sarah Myers said. “As far as the menu, you need something to stand out … That’s how the city works.”

Guy’s American Kitchen & Bar is located at 220 W. 44th St. between Seventh and Eighth avenues.

A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, Sept. 25 print edition. Tanay Hudson is a contributing writer. Email her at [email protected] 



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